Moloch strikes at Plate but the shot is narrowly deflected by the large bronze dagger!
Plate misses Moloch!
Plate charges at Moloch!
Moloch jumps away!
Moloch slashes Plate in the right hand with his iron long sword, tearing apart the muscle!
An artery has been opened by the attack and many nerves have been severed!
The iron long sword has lodged firmly in the wound!
Moloch pulls on the embedded iron long sword.
Plate slashes Moloch in the left rear leg with his large bronze dagger, fracturing the bone through the large cow leather armor!
A motor nerve has been severed and a tendon has been torn!
Moloch slaps Plate in the left eye with the flat of his iron long sword, bruising the left eyelid's skin!
Plate stabs Moloch in the head with his large bronze dagger, tearing the muscle, fracturing the skull and tearing the brain!
A tendon in the skull has been torn!
Moloch has been knocked unconscious!
Moloch has been struck down.
Plate: Gruesome wounds! This doesn't scare me.