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Gemclod LP
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Completed Fights

View Bets Winning Team Total Bets on Winner Losing Team Total Bets on Loser Total Payout
View Team 13: Heavyweight Horrorshow 4,450 This Bites 3,309 7,759
View Two Chicks with Dicks 1,750 Worse Munki 1,770 3,520
View Hell's Dentists 2,658 The Petting Zoo 3,064 5,722
View Spooky Scary Skeletons 5,555 A furry, a farmer, and two cows 4,736 10,291
View Team Laser Explosion 621 A Tarantino Film 593 1,214
View The Plump Helmets 4,246 Worker Cooperative 625 4,871
View Subterranean Animists 2,944 Go big and/or go home 3,450 6,394
View Cool Rad Awesome Pals 4,304 Lightly Whipped 2,473 6,777