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Gemclod LP
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Completed Fights

View Bets Winning Team Total Bets on Winner Losing Team Total Bets on Loser Total Payout
View Armok's All-stars 3,576 Two and two half men 4,039 7,615
View Modern Family 2,850 Purestrain Adamantium 2,926 5,776
View The Kitten Appreciation Society 1,725 Habeas Corpses 1,699 3,424
View 3 Knight Dog 4,370 We're All Friends Here 4,019 8,389
View All Slade Gauntlets All Day Long 4,210 The Committee to Elect 3,718 7,928
View Team Legs 3,400 Ugly Stick 3,950 7,350
View Menacing Lack of Spikes 2,381 Oscar Pistorius's gun club 2,437 4,818
View Grab N' Stab 3,709 Throwbacks 4,193 7,902