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Gemclod LP
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Completed Fights

View Bets Winning Team Total Bets on Winner Losing Team Total Bets on Loser Total Payout
View Lucky Team 13 1,904 Daggum Polecats 2,800 4,704
View The Wild Animals 2,157 Team Tiny Arms 1,750 3,907
View Nonindicative Name 3,100 Catholicism 1,500 4,600
View Little Guys Long Spears 1,667 Four Legs, Four Arms, No Pants 2,950 4,617
View Meat and Two Veg 2,609 Cave Pals Friend Squad 2,603 5,212
View Platinum Helms 3,100 Minotaur Mites 2,325 5,425
View The Ugly Ones 4,100 The Good, The Bad, And The Bravo 3,575 7,675
View Art, Politics and other Bull 4,500 Small and Mighty 3,125 7,625