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Gemclod LP
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Completed Fights

View Bets Winning Team Total Bets on Winner Losing Team Total Bets on Loser Total Payout
View Bizarrer Adventurers 3,350 Bizarrest Overthinkers 2,046 5,396
View Bizarre Adventurers 2,800 not going to overthink things 1,521 4,321
View Christmas is Canceled 1,796 Mafia Hit Squad 1,400 3,196
View Puffier Areolas 1,311 Puffy Areolas 1,436 2,747
View Hitmen for Armok 1,100 Spermy is a really bad commissioner 2,246 3,346
View Bad Munki's Team 1,325 Goons of Yore 1,596 2,921
View 1056 Armok Arena League Champions 4,412 CathodeRaymond and the Raymondsters 3,310 7,722
View Fuck Rogers Tribute 4,602 And The Horse They Rode On 3,724 8,326